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59" x 24" Children's Road Rug Mono

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Item. 'My Little Town' Mono Svelte Road Rug
Size. 1.5m x 0.6m, 59“ x 24“
Care. Machine-washable. Place the rug color side out in the machine (please refer to photo). Cold water, gentle cycle with detergent for delicate fabrics (wool). Line dry, wipe with a damp cloth to clean common stains. Do not bleach, do not dry-clean, do not machine dry. Do not iron, if necessary, steamer for clothes can be used

Mono Kids Road Rug Play mat 01

You do not need to compromise on design or quality of your children's products.

Le Papa makes timeless rugs with high quality materials that children can play with while serving as attractive accessories for the home.

Our rug is designed to be played with toy cars and trains that all children have at home. The mono tone rug becomes perfect canvas for other colorful toys to be placed nicely rather than looking like a mess in the playroom. 

And each element of our three-dimensional graphics will tell a story and stimulate children's imagination as they begin to develop greater spatial awareness. It also helps parents and kids to communicate and play in a variety of situations, which is perfect for busy mom and dad who wish to spend quality time with their children whenever they can.

Mono Kids Road Rug Play mat 02

Mono Kids Road Rug Play mat 04

Mono Kids Road Rug Play mat 03

Our microfiber surface is soft, easy to clean, quick to dry and resistant to dust mites.

Mono Kids Road Rug Play mat 05

Mono Kids Road Rug Play mat 06

Mono Kids Road Rug Play mat 08

Front: 3mm Microfiber W/ Single Jersey Border
Back: Polyester W/ Silicone Anti-slip 
Print: Free APE eco-friendly J-Teck Ink 

eco friendly kids rug

eco friendly kids rug

machine washable kids rug

Mono Kids Road Rug Play mat 07

Our products are made with love and care by a young dad, whose daily experience as a parent inspires him to make safe and interactive products for both kids and their parents.

Mono Kids Road Rug Play mat 09

Let your children's imagination fly with Le Papa's creative design and story.